3. leht 3-st

Postitatud: 07 Veebr 2012, 18:50
Postitas H2O
1.minimees - BMW 507
2.Black66 - MB AMG 500SL
3.simmtamm - Hispano Suiza K6

Postitatud: 07 Veebr 2012, 18:59
Postitas Black66
H2O kirjutas:1.minimees - BMW 507
2.kaupsss - MB 500SEC
3.simmtamm - Hispano Suiza K6
Kuidas sa saad panna teisele kohale auto, mis ei ole isegi valmis mudelina esitatud? :shock:

Postitatud: 07 Veebr 2012, 19:03
Postitas H2O
Vaatasin valesti.

Postitatud: 08 Veebr 2012, 01:26
Postitas m1cro
Sorry i'm a bit slow at replying this time :D

heres my votes :D

Simmtann-Hispano Suiza
Ã?ldilme/Overall quality-4
After viewing this model for some time, I'm a bit undecided about a few things, But i know if that had an engine on display in the pictures this would be my number one vote and overall favorite. I think there are some very nice things done to this model but some of the smaller details are missing.The open door is a lovely touch, but some smaller details like the mould lines around the steering wheel could have been dealt with.. Just some minor details missing i think and this would have been a real beauty. Try using a clear wooden floor polish on the glass to make it more realistic. :D But very well done with the paintjob and the assembly. :D

Ã?ldilme/Overall quality-5
Such alot of effort has gone into making this look realistic.Even the pictures are taken with a nice 4x4 effect with the rough terrain. I think this is a fabulous effort . very nice work.If you want to make this a winner you need to concentrate on some of the smaller details too. Overall a fabulous model, if you added a bonnet open shot and painted the vents on the front window this would look complete. :D

Eero- 206
Ã?ldilme/Overall quality-5
Such a great looking 206 and the snow background also adds to the effect. Very nice that you sprayed the bottom of the model instead of using the decals and the extra details with the seatbelts and the rear wheel straps looks just lovely.
Very nicely done.

Ã?ldilme/Overall quality-4

Such a lovely model too, the colour really suits this car and the wheels are just fantastic. Only two things i would suggest that is the car is a tiny bit too high and maybe if you had used 50/50 thinners / black on the stereo you could still see the buttons.The paint seems a bit too thick and some of the detail is lost.But overall a fantastic build,The flocking,the paintjob and the little badges are really excellent to look at.. :D I love this model :D . p.s Stick the glass piece in the center mirror :D

Ã?ldilme/Overall quality-5
This is a beautiful build too.. Great detail has been delivered on this model, the carpet all around the interior is superb and even the tools in the boot..Almost a complete engine, but no wiring and no seatbelts.. I think the winner here will be the modeller who decided to go the little bit extra. Beautiful build.

Ã?ldilme/Overall quality-5

Stunning paint job and a lovely looking model, the photo etch parts you used could have been prepared properly.Take a look at a real SLS and you'll see most of the vents are black.You can quite easily darken these parts and it will still look good.Infact the vents on the engine are dark too, im sure with this extra effort you could have won this contest. Still, This is a beautiful model.

Ã?ldilme/Overall quality-3

What a stunning old 507, the paint colour and interior colour are nice alongside this car. Great model, some weathering would be nice on the chassis... The engine bay is lovely too.

Ã?ldilme/Overall quality-4

Very good work, overall its a lovely model.. I would have maybe did grey lines instead of black.Just my preference though.. This is such a good model, maybe try using a paper background and a spotlight it would have been nice to see the shine on this model :D

Ã?ldilme/Overall quality-3

The wheels look great but if you take your time a little bit more on the rest of the model it will improve .. Well done for making the effort and well done on your chassis weathering too.


I too built this model, it was a while ago.It's really not a good model to enter into a contest unless you plan to make it a 100+ hrs build. Unfortunately it's not that kind of build. But you deserve some credit for entering and finishing too.
So very well done and thanks for getting past the finishing post.

Ã?ldilme/Overall quality-3
This was such a nice idea.. Im shocked at the final finish.Did you get tired of this build..? what happened with your camera?.I would think about adding more detail to this model and getting some proper pictures with a background.. I'm sure this model would look 50X better.

Ã?ldilme/Overall quality-3

This looks like a great idea, but unfortunately the finish is just not quite right.. I would so have loved to see this with nice clean lines and an open bonnet... oh well.. very good effort DR1FT.

Ok, my final decision.

My 1,2,3 order (1)erki525's BMW, so much effort went into that build. very well done mate.(2)Black66 for a fabulous job on his AMG and finally (3)Eero for the best looking Rally model I've seen for a long time. :D
But most important well done to all of you guys.. finishing the model in a contest is the most important of all, you guys deserve a round of applause. Well done all.

Thank you for letting me vote again :D

Postitatud: 09 Veebr 2012, 23:10
Postitas Rock

Postitatud: 10 Veebr 2012, 17:20
Postitas realystic
Simmtann-Hispano Suiza Tamm85-Mitsubishi Eero- 206 Black66-Mercedes :twisted:
Väga puhas näeb välja. Kuid sama jutt nagu eerole, kohvimasinaga tehtud pildid sierra kapoti peal ei kõlba.

erki525-BmwKaups-Mercedesminimees-bmwTimeline-SubaruR.X-Toyota Hardstar-GTO Disigny-MercedesDR1FT- BMW

Postitatud: 14 Veebr 2012, 00:58
Postitas taz

Overall look- 3
Quality - 4

A nice clean build. Very nice paint work, particularly on chrome parts. A few masking errors here and there.


Overall look- 4
Quality - 3

Another very clean build. Great background with nice clear pictures. Minor errors on window trims.


Overall look- 4
Quality - 4

This is a superb build. Really sets the standards. Good decal work, and paint job. Nice interior details. Looks almost pre-made by manufacturer.


Overall look- 3
Quality - 3

A nice tidy build with no real visible errors. Good interior details and nice clear pictures.


Overall look- 2
Quality - 2

Generally a good build with no massive errors. A few blemishes on the BMF work and masking on front splitter.


Overall look- 4
Quality - 3

Great paint work. Nice photo-etch details. Pictures really need better lighting to give the build justice.


Overall look- 3
Quality - 3

Great engine-bay weathering. Generally a clean build. The paint job is rather dull, could do with a better shine.


Overall look- 4
Quality - 3

Great looking, clean build. A smooth, clean paint job. Slight errors on wheel paint, and panel lines, but good effort indeed.


Overall look- 2
Quality - 2

Nice styling but quite a few flaws. The paint job needs some work. The blacked out windows look a little unrealistic. Nice chassis weathering.


Overall look- 2
Quality - 1

Not a bad effort, however, a lot of flaws. Bad orange peel on paint job. Windows aren't fitted in properly. Interior very bland.


Overall look- 3
Quality - 3

Nice colour scheme. Pictures really let this one down, too blurry. But a nice clean build.


Overall look- 3
Quality - 2

A cool looking build with style. Decent paint job. A few masking errors here and there. Light lenses a little unrealistic.


Postitatud: 15 Veebr 2012, 05:18
Postitas PUG=309
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help judge your contest. Please forgive me for being so late with my results.

simmtann, quality=4, look=4
A nice overall build with a nice and shiny paint job, a few body things like the slightly rough look under the chrome took points away from both scores, other than that, well done

Tamm85, quality=5, look=5
I followed this build on our forum as i have this kit, all i can say is that if mine turns out half as good as yours i will be very happy. Very clean and simple build excellently executed

Eero, quality=5, look5
A very clean and great looking build, some nice little interior detailing. I would be thrilled to have this displayed as a build of mine. Well done

Black66, Quality=5, look=4
A great an unusual build subject, overall a great looking build, im not sure of the odd looking front is a kit fault or just the bonnet not quite sitting right at the front. Interior flocking is very nice and detail painting is very well done.

erki525, Quality=5, look=4
A nice lookinb kit that i would love to build, very clean looking build. Interior is a little bland for my taste and some seam lines on the seats took a little off the score. The front of the model somehow dose not look right, im not sure if it is a fault of the kit or not. Well done

kaupsss, Quality 4, look=4
A good attempt to detail a model with the use of photo etch however a little more care with preparing it all would of been worth it, also painting all the body parts together would of made the whole look of the car less toy like as the doors etc are slightly different shade from the body. If you take a little more care and maybe put in a little more research into your build, as M1CRO said you might of won this. Well done

minimees , Quality=4, look=3
Some very nice work went into this build, nice work on the engine but some spark plug leads would improve that look greatly, a little more time and patience painting the 2 front grills as ome chrome is showing where it shouldn't be. Apart from that well done

Timeline, Quality=4, look=3
You persevered with this and the results are rather good, some more time spent getting the bonnet (hood) to fit right and more time taken on the panel lines would of drasticly improved this build. Well done

R.X, Quality=2, look=2
Im sorry for the low score, but there didn't seem to be much effort put into this, the paint has orange peel, sprayed black windows and the driver seat is missing. There was nice weathering on the cars chassis, if you had cleaned the model before final pictures it might of yielded an extra point or 2. Well done for finishing

hardstar , Quality=1, look=1
A good attempt but as you say, you hurried a little bit. A few flaws with paint, interior etc, but the main thing is that you finished, well done

Disigny, Quality=2, look=2
Sadly i cant really make out much as the pictures are a bit out of focus. Had you been able to take better pictures im sure i would of gave you a higher score. Well done for finishing

DR1FT, Quality=3, look=3
A good attempt with some little flaws like the masking of the centre black rub strip, panel lines and unrealistic looking lights sadly brought the score down. Some better pictures might of gave some higher scores. Well done for finishing.

Once again thank you for allowing Spc to help judge your contest, i hope i did not offend anyone with my comments, i did not mean to insult anyone's work. Good luck to all and well done to all of you who finished


Postitatud: 15 Veebr 2012, 15:04
Postitas Eero
Minu punktid siis:


Rõõm on näha, et sellel võistlusel on osaleijaid rohkem ja ehituse kvaliteedi tase on väga kõrgele tõstetud.


Postitatud: 15 Veebr 2012, 16:01
Postitas Black66
Paneme siia teemasse kah märgi maha.

Kui peale minu postitust keegi hääletama peaks, siis see lõpptulemusel arvesse ei lähe, sest punktid on kokku loetud ning tulemused lõplikud.